Depression, anxiety, relationship problems, family and child issues, teenagers,terminal illness, bereavement, and other concerns which interfere with daily functioning and relationships in your life.



It is never too early to get professional support in place in case of an emergency or critical need. Regardless of the issue I create longstanding relationships with may individuals who have a support in place when they need.



During a crisis or critical event it is too late to start thinking about who is available to help. Having familiar professional support already in place provides a layer of safety and comfort. My goal is to quickly help you manage stressful issues so that you can find stability as quickly as possible.




Professional, confidential and private psychological services provided in-person or electronically (phone/skype/text).


Individuals, families, couples, teens and children.


Christian Glasgow will provide specific therapy based on the unique needs of the individual, family, couple or group. Therapy can include being on-call and generating customized lists of resources to provide immediate care.